"Consistency Creates Loyalty"
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Why Choose NewEra Genetics? Canada’s Most Advanced Cannabis Seed Supplier, and Facilitator of Certified Seed, Cuttings and Plant-lets.

With access to a vast cannabis strain bank. NewEra’s focus is to provide licensed cannabis producers clean, reliable genetics that are unique and serve for specific cultivating purposes and/or desired character traits. Our clients will have complete confidence in maintaining consistent, full potential cannabis production harvest after harvest.

At NewEra Genetics, we understand the necessity of pest and pathogen-free starting plant material and the importance of consistent, reliable cannabis genetics.  Using the latest technology with modern breeding practices, our creations will be available in cannabis seed, cuttings, and plant-lets. 

‘New Strain Cannabis Seed Supplier For All Of Canada’ We Also Facilitate Certified Seed, Cuttings and Plant-lets (Plant Tissue-Culture).

Our cannabis seed strains are lab tested assuring consistent quality for the cultivation of consistent medicine.

Access to traditional and newly developed cannabis seed strains, free of pests/pathogens with consistent genetic uniformity.

Will soon be offering exclusive rights to our newly developed, certified cannabis seed strains allowing for niche market advancement and the ability to differentiate.

We have the most advanced and cost-effective system for delivering live cannabis plant material.

Create your desired strain for morning, day and night.  Name it, love it…own it! (possible royalty option).

Use our strains to complement your existing ones (some restrictions apply).

We have the strains you want.

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