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Need Clean, Reliable Cannabis Genetics?

NewEra Genetics offers an unprecedented variety of traditional and newly developed cannabis strains issued by seed, clone, cutting or plantlet (tissue-culture). Our goal is to help provide variety, quality, and consistency of starting plant material to licensed cannabis producers. If you need more information, please get in touch.

‘Reliable Canadian Cannabis Seed Suppliers’


NewEra Genetics is poised to be one of the first to facilitate and license newly developed, certified, cannabis strains.  Through extensive breeding programs, we take the best of the best genetics and seek PBR (Plant Breeders Rights) to protect and guarantee exclusivity to our clients.  Our cannabis strains are bred for a variety of purposes serviced by highly credible plant biologists using modern day breeding practices with advanced technology.

Want to develop a new strain? Or breed/brand your own Cannabis Seed?

Using advanced seed genetics technology, managed by superior plant biologists. NewEra  offers personal and commercial selective breeding services with the possibility of  IP (intellectual property) ownership and the channeling through the legal cannabis market with potential to generate royalties.  With a vast genetic seed bank, clients can utilize both parents from NewEra’s selection or compliment their own with one of ours.  Using archived genetic data, and applying it to modern breeding practices allows for the ability to develop genetics targeting specific ailments, attributes,  and plant growing patterns for various growing models.

At NewEra we understand our clients may have a go-to strain and this is why we accept males or females from the clients facility to be bred in laboratory developing possible intellectual property assets while accommodating  clients with more cannabis variety.  It’s a win-win!!

(restrictions do apply)


At NewEra, we understand the first two harvests are the most important to licensed producers and their investors.  Our archived genetic data can be very useful when profiling for plant characteristics for the purpose of optimizing plant potential in various production models.  Our team offers consulting services providing ideal genetic advice that is fitting for specific growing environments and models.  Our clients can feel confident that our cannabis genetics will be ready to thrive and become prosperous the day they are welcomed into their facility.

All other variables such as PH levels, climate control, light & feeding schedules – just to name few, can all be attained through NewEra’s consulting services. We know our strains inside and out, giving great confidence to licensed producers at such a vulnerable time.

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